Parler une autre langue, quelle qu’elle soit, permet de s’ouvrir au monde, de s’initier à une autre culture, profiter du savoir.Learning French is a wonderful challenge. It is the door to another culture, bringing another vision of life, something that will stay with you forever.Welcome to EFNY, Education Française à New York – French Education in New York, a volunteer-run, parent based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the French language in New York City public schools. EFNY aims to support students attending American schools in their endeavor to either acquire or preserve and strengthen French as an academic language.As one of the two languages spoken in all five continents, French continues to attract a large population of second language speakers. With 220 million French speakers worldwide throughout about 50 nations, learning French is not only an academic asset but also a passport to the world. Whether your child is a native French speaker or a Foreign Language learner, a beginner or at a more advanced level of French study, EFNY offers level appropriate afterschool classes on French language and culture  from kindergarten to 8th grade.

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