Welcome to Online EFNY 2020/21 program ! 

The registration for Spring 2021 remains OPEN ! 

Spring semester will start Monday February 1st, and will end Friday, June 11th 2021 

Once again, all our classes will be ONLINE only

Our program is dedicated to Children from 5 to 14 (K to 8th grade) willing to learn French and immerge into the diversity of the Francophone culture .

Classes are organized by grade in unique small groups of up to 12 students/class maximum.
Schedule: The activities will take place from Monday to Friday, from 4pm to 5:30pm 

EFNY semester tuition will be $535/class.
For more information about our special arrangement payment plans, please contact efnycoordinationny@gmail.com


Schedule :

All classes are organized by grade. For example, if you select  “Le français par la calligraphie” on Monday, there will be one class for Kindergarteners and one class for first graders

Monday (click here)

  • Le français par la calligraphie – Kindergarten & 1st grade(click here)
  • Le français par le théâtre – From 2nd grade to 4th grade (click here)
  • Le français par l’écriture créative – From 2nd to 4th grade (click here)

Tuesday (click here)

  • French as second language – Kindergarten to 5th grade(click here)
  • Culture GénéraleFrom 1st grade to 5th grade(click here)

Wednesday (click here)

  • French for native speakers – From Kindergarten to 8th grade (click here)

Thursday (click here)

Friday (click here)

  • Les petits aventuriers aux pays des contes – Kindergarten & 1st grade(click here)
  • Jeux de Français – 2nd & 4th grade(click here)  
  • Le français par le théatre – From 5th to 8th grade(click here)


If you have any question about the program, please contact our program coordinator at efnycoordinationny@gmail.com





Le Français par la Calligraphie (K and 1st grade) – Students will learn cursive writing focusing on the Alphabet, the sounds, the connexion between the letters as it is taught in France. It aims at the acquisition of the writing skills, and will focus on the perception of the writing plan, the care and the beauty of the letters. The cursive writing skills will help our bilingual students to better visualize and make the difference between the French and the English language. We will teach our students to care about the page layout of their writing and to freedom their imagination through the letters, the sounds and the words.

Le Français par le théâtre (from 2nd to 4th grade) – Students will learn how to express themselves in public in French. This class is perfect for the students who need to improve their oral expression. Students fluent or advanced in French language are welcome. Language skills will be studied during this class.

Le français par l’écriture créative (Creative writing in French from 2nd to 4th grade)  This class is suitable for Native French Speakers and advanced French as Foreign Language learners. In this workshop, participants will explore the creative process and practice their writing skills through an array of playful activities and collective projects, as they engage with a wide variety of sound and visual media.



FRENCH AS SECOND LANGUAGE (K-5th) – These classes are adapted for students who want to learn French or who already have some knowledge of French but are not fluent. Groups will be organized by grades and/or by French level, so each class will offer a program adapted to the students level. Children will learn French with an engaging and fun program, developing their understanding and speaking (and writing for the advanced level) through creative projects, interactive activities, songs, games, stories…

Culture Générale for native speakers (1st to 5th grade)  – In this class, students will explore various  aspects of French culture and heritage: history, geography, arts, gastronomy, traditions… The youngest students (K-1) will gain a better understanding of their closer environment (time and space) and compare with French children’s environment, while students from 2nd to 5th grade will travel in space and time, from Prehistory to modern times, discovering different cultures and people.   


Petits Francophones
K– This class is open to bilingual students in Kindergarten. In this class, all activities are conducted in French. It aims at the acquisition of a rich oral language, organized and understandable by the other. The child speaks and is understood through the language. He learns to be attentive to messages addressed to him, to understand and respond appropriately. The child starts the basic acquisitions of the alphabet, the sounds and will be introduced to reading and writing in French.

Jeunes Francophones 1st grade – This class is open to bilingual students in 1st grade who are already reading in English, and will be reading and writing in French. In this class, all activities are conducted in French. The child starts the basic acquisitions in reading, writing as well as grammar skills. The student will be taught to better differentiate English to French and to understand the basic grammar rules.

Moyens Francophones 2nd grade – This class is open to truly fluent in French students in 2nd and 3rd grades who are already reading in English, and are reading and writing in French. In this class, all activities are conducted in French. The child is faced with varied and somewhat complex texts, while learning basic rules of grammar, spelling and conjugation and begins to write short texts. The “dictees ” will be used as support for the learning. 

Grands Francophones 3rd/4th/5th grade – Theses classes are open to students who are truly fluent in French, and focuses on oral and written expression, grammar and spelling. In this class, all activities are conducted in French. The child reads longer texts and consolidates its bases in grammar, spelling, conjugation and vocabulary. Emphasis is placed on written expression: namely write a short dialogue, short but varied texts (narrative, description, portrait.). Children are encouraged to read independently. 

Middle School (From 6th to 8th) – In this class, the students will continue improving their French language skills learned in their previous years. We encourage all students with bilingual education to join EFNY. According to our experience, bilingual students will be able to keep and also improve their French language level by continuing EFNY classes.



L’atelier lecture (Book Club from 2nd to 4th grade) – Book club, during this class, students will have the opportunity to read and study texts from different authors, periods and genres (short stories, novels, plays, poetry, BD, comic book, graphic novels…). They will discover famous figures of French literature as well as contemporary authors. They will also engage in conversation and creative writing activities to develop their vocabulary, imagination and composition skills



Les petits aventuriers aux pays des contes : This class is suitable for Native French speakers K & 1st graders. Once upon a time, a group of children entered the marvelous kingdom of fairy tales and became the heroes of thrilling adventures. Centered around the reading of stories from all over the world, the session will help your kids strengthen their listening, comprehension, and syllables recognition skills. Through games, songs and creative projects, they will use their vivid imagination to make drawings or puppets of their favorite characters, invent new story lines and replay scenes from the story.

Jeu de français : This class is suitable for Native French Speakers/Advanced French as Foreign Language for 3th & 4th graders. Playing while learning ? It’s possible ! This game class will feature serious games related to French : grammar, spelling, conjugation and vocabulary.

Theatre Impro : This class is suitable for Middle school students (5th to 8th grade) fluent or advanced in French language. They will focus on exercises meant to develop their imagination, they will learn how to express themselves in public and to gain self esteem. French language skills will be developed during this class.