Registration for the spring 2020 Semester at PS84 (Upper West Side) is now open !

Classes for the Spring 2020 semester at PS84 will start on Monday, February 03, 2020 and end on Friday, June 19, 2020.

For details about our program at PS84, please click here Or select from the list below:

Monday (click here)
Le francais par la calligraphie – K and 1st grade (click here)
Le francais par le theatre –  2nd graders to 5th grade (click here)

Tuesday (click here)
Culture Generale – K to 3nd graders (click here)
Book Club –  4th to 5th grade (click here)
French for non native speakers – K to 5th grade (click here)

Wednesday (click here)
French for Native speakers – K to 5th grade

Thursday (click here)
Le Francais par la musique –  K to 5th grade

Friday (click here)
Culture Generale – 3rd to 5th grade
Le Francais par la danse – all grades

To register for a class at PS 84, please complete and submit the form.