EFNY at PS321 (Park Slope)

Registration for the Fall 2019 Semester is now open !


We offer four classes for Francophone students. The EFNY program follows a French-only policy in all Francophone classes. Please help by encouraging your child to follow this rule. All classes are on Fridays from 3PM  to 5PM.

The Fall 2019 EFNY program at PS321 starts on Friday, September 13, 2019 and ends on Friday, January 31, 2019. The tuition is $660 for 17 classes.

Petits Francophones – This class is open to bilingual students in Kindergarten. The goal of the class is to continue building confidence in the French language through stories, creative projects, writing exercises, songs and games.

Jeunes Francophones – This class is open to bilingual students in 1st and 2nd grades who are already reading in English. The children will build French reading and writing skills, including phonetics, spelling simple words and reading simple sentences.

Moyens Francophones – This class is open to bilingual students in 3rd grades.  Students read a variety of more complex texts, and start learning the rules of grammar, spelling and conjugation. Students write short texts in class.

Grands Francophones
– This class is open to students in 4th,  5th and 6th grades who are truly fluent in French. It focuses on oral and written expression, grammar and spelling. The child reads longer texts and continues to study grammar, spelling, conjugation and vocabulary. Emphasis of the class is on written expression. Students learn to write short dialogues, narratives, fiction and non-fiction. Children are encouraged to read independently.


Class Grades Day Time Tuition
Petits Francophones K Fridays 3pm-5pm $660
Jeunes Francophones 1-2 Fridays 3pm-5pm $660
Moyens Francophones 3 Fridays 3pm-5pm $660
Grands Francophones 4 -5-6 Fridays 3pm-5pm $660


Please note that EFNY may make changes to this schedule, depending on student enrollment and teachers’ availability.


If you have any question about the EFNY program at PS321, please contact the site coordinator at efnyps321@gmail.com.