EFNY at PS58 (Carroll Gardens)

EFNY at PS58 offers enrichment classes for Native French Speakers and Foreign Language Learners from pre-K through 5th grade. Native French teachers teach all our classes.

Students from other schools are also welcome to enroll, depending on availability.

The Winter Trimester  2018 -2019 will start on Monday, January 7, 2019  and end on Thursday, March 14, 2019.


FRENCH LEVEL 1  Kindergarten, Grade 1 & Grade 2 (Mondays)

This class is an introduction to French. Students will work on communicative French.

The goal is for children to express themselves in basic social situations using simple sentences through stories, creative projects, songs and games.

For DLP students, help with French homework will be available upon request.

Mondays, 3:10 to 5:10pm; Grades K – Grade 1 and Grade 2 -Class fee: $355 + P.S. 58 fees ($90). 9 classes.


FRENCH FOR NATIVE SPEAKERS for Grades 3, 4 and 5 (Thursdays)

This class is open to native speakers in 3rd, 4th  and 5th grades who are reading and writing in French. In this class, all activities are conducted in French.

Students study varied and somewhat complex texts, while learning basic rules of grammar, spelling and conjugation. They will write short texts in class.

Thursdays, 3:10 to 5:10pm; Grades 3, 4 and 5. Class fee: $355 + P.S. 58 Fees ($90) +PTA fees. 9 classes 

Classes and tuitions for the Winter 2018 Trimester are listed below:


Class Grades Day Time Tuition with PS58 Fees
FRENCH LEVEL 1 K-1st – 2nd Mondays 3:10-5:00pm $445
FRENCH FOR NATIVE SPEAKERS 3th – 4th – 5th Thursdays 3:10-5:00pm $445