EFNY at MS 256 – Lafayette Academy (Upper West Side)

Registration for the Spring 2020 Semester is open now !

At MS 256, the program is open to all local students, regardless of the school they attend.

Classes take place on Wednesdays and Fridays. Children meet once or twice a week.

Classes for the Fall 2019 semester at MS 256 will start on Wednesday, February 05, 2020 and end on Friday, June 19, 2020.

French language Academic class – Wednesdays – 18 classes (no class on 02/19 & 04/15/2020).

In this class, the students will continue improving their french language skills learned in their previous years. We encourage all students with bilingual education to join EFNY. According to our experience, bilingual students will be able to keep and also improve their french language level by continuing EFNY classes.


Culture Générale & Book Club – Fridays – 17 classes No class on 02/21, 04/10 & 04/17/2020). 

During the “Culture Générale”  class, students will use different tools (reportages, interviews, exposés, debates) to get informed about past and current events, exploring how the « medium » influences our perception of reality and shapes our comprehension of the world. Language skills will be studied during this class.

EFNY Book Club, will meet once a month, most probably at the end of each month, the class will be dedicated to the Book Club (Club lecture).
During this class, students will have the opportunity to read and study texts from different authors, periods and genres (short stories, novels, plays, poetry, graphic novels…). They will discover famous figures of French literature as well as contemporary authors. They will also engage in creative writing activities to develop their vocabulary, imagination and composition skills.

Middle school students will meet every Wednesdays and Fridays from 3:15-5:15pm at MS 256 Lafayette Academy, 154 West 93rd street, New York, NY.


Class Grades Day Time Tuition
Middle school francophones (18 classes)

No class on 02/19 & 04/15/2020.

6-8 Wednesday 3:15-5:15pm $695
Culture Générale & Book Club (17 classes).

No class on 02/21, 04/10 & 04/17/2020.

6-8 Friday 3:15-5:15pm $660

Please note that EFNY may make changes to this schedule, depending on student enrollment and teachers’ availability.



If you have any question about our program, please contact the Site Coordinator at efnyms256@gmail.com