EFNY at PS234

Registration for 2024-2025 at PS234 is open!

2024-2025 year starts on September 18th 2024 and ends on June 12th 2025.
EFNY follows the DOE Calendar

The EFNY program at PS234 takes place on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

All students are welcome with priority given to PS234 students.

Classes at PS234 : $1,460/Year (payment by PayPal, credit card & installment by PayPal)


French as Second Language – K to 5th grade – Wednesdays  (click here)

Découverte du monde  (fluent in French only) – K to 2nd grade – Wednesdays  (click here)

French for Native Speakers – K to 5th grade – Thursdays (click here)

To register, please click here.


Important Information:

  • Classes are subject to enrollment numbers.
  • Students are subject to evaluation and will be grouped based on age and level: final class assignment may change.
  • The program runs at PS234 from 3pm to 5pm, with classroom instructions from 3:30pm to 5pm.
  • Pick up is at 5pm at PS234

If you have any question about the program, please contact Diane at efnyps234@gmail.com 

EFNY continues to offer a virtual program for the 2024-2025 school year. If you are interested, please (click here)

Classes Description:

French for Native Speakers 

K & 1st grade – This class is open to French speaking students in K and 1st grade. In this class, all activities are conducted in French. It aims to develop a rich oral language, organized and understandable by others. Children learn to be attentive to messages addressed to him, to understand and respond appropriately. Students will learn the alphabet, letters sounds and will be introduced to reading and writing in French.

2nd to 5th – This class is open to French speaking students, who starts to read and write in French. In this class, all activities are conducted in French. Children will be introduced to varied and more complex texts, while learning some basic rules of grammar, spelling and conjugation and begin to write short texts.

Découverte du monde – New!! (K to 2nd grade)
This class is open to students fluent in French. Students will explore the world around them, situate themselves in time (calendar, cycles, timeline…) and space (their school, neighborhood, city, the nature around them, but also the solar system), and discover cultural aspects of ‘Francophonie’.


French as Second Language (K to 5th grade) – Beginners 1 & Beginners 2     
These classes focus on verbal communication and are adapted to the comprehension skills of young learners. The goal is to bring children to express simple phrases in basic social situations, through various and fun activities such as stories, creative projects, songs and games. Groups will be organized according to students’ French knowledge. Beginners 2 must have at least 1 year of French.