Payment Policy

•Payment may be made via PayPal.

•Failure to pay may result in your child’s dismissal from the program.

•EFNY is a non-profit organization and will provide you with a tax ID for taxes or Dependant Care Flex Spending Account purposes upon request.

Refund Policy
•In order to run a class, a minimum of 8 students must be enrolled. Classes may be canceled at the discretion of EFNY if not enough students are registered. Early registration increases everybody’s chances to attend the level-appropriate class. In the event EFNY decides not to run a class, you will be reimbursed.
•In the event that you cancel enrollment before the beginning of the program, please contact us. A $250 refund fee (per child/per class) will be charged if you cancel before August 31st.
• There are NO refunds after August 31st. If your child must leave the program, please contact us.
•If your child is asked to leave the program due to behavioral issues, no refunds will be provided.
•If your child misses a class or stops attending classes, NO refunds will be provided.
•If you need installment, please contact EFNYOPS@GMAIL.COM

Late fees
EFNY is a nonprofit organization. The Site coordinators and the board members are volunteers who often work full-time in addition to running this program. However, the teachers, teaching assistants, pedagogical coordinator and suppliers must be paid in a timely manner. Consequently, a late fee of $25 per week may be applied if your payment is not made on time and your child may not be allowed to participate in the class until the balance is paid. If you are facing financial difficulties, please communicate your situation to your local Site coordinator so we can discuss a solution.

Code od conduct
We have created a new code of conduct in order to clarify rights and responsibilities for all. Please feel free to review it HERE and contact us with any questions or comments. It will fully be part of our enrollment process during the next school year.